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Miller Elder Law Shares: Seeing Alzheimer’s Differently

We often work with clients who are in various stages of Alzheimer’s disease to protect each one from exploitation and make sure everything is in place for a good death. The normal progression of Alzheimer’s disease from onset to death is approximately 10 years. In the process of working with these clients and their families, we have gained invaluable perspective: It is possible for clients with Alzheimer’s to live full productive lives with dignity and joy while making important contributions to family and...

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End of Life Choices-A Worthy New Year’s Resolution

One common tradition this time of year is making New Year’s resolutions, which usually includes starting good habits or stopping bad ones. It’s a timely opportunity to put together a plan with actions and timelines. It is, after all, the only way you will be successful long-term. Most people vow to lose weight, exercise more, and be healthier and although these are worthy goals you should consider, I want you add one more. It’s not glamorous or trendy but it will impact not only you, but your family as...

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A New Guardianship Law in Florida

Shannon Miller, ESQ, of Miller Elder Law Firm presented at the Florida House of Representatives Civil Judiciary Committee in Tallahassee on Jan 7, 2015. As the President of the Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys, she participated in the subcommittee’s workshop to improve Florida’s guardianship law. Click here to view the video (Shannon’s presentation runs from 32:55 to 41:35). Chairwoman Kathleen Passidomo called the meeting to order with a review of Florida’s current law stating that although our...

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What is the Value for the Practice From Being Board Certified | Gainesville Elder Law Attorneys

What Is Board Certification? Gainesville Board Certified Elder Law Attorneys The Gainesville Elder Law Attorneys at The Miller Elder Law Firm are experienced professionals in all aspects of Elder Law, helping their clients with any needs such as Medicaid planning, guardianships, and estate plans. They have dedicated their law practice to elder law, and are board certified specialists in the area. If you or a loved one need legal assistance with any issues regarding elder law or estate planning, our attorneys are here to...

Posted by on May 2, 2012


Board Certification, Elder Law

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