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Avoiding Probate With Enhanced Life Estate Deed

How To Avoid Probate For Your Real Estate Property Almost all of our clients at The Miller Elder Law Firm want to know how to pass assets, including property, to their children (or other beneficiaries) without the expense or delay that can happen with probate.  In some cases we recommend an enhanced life estate deed which is available only in a few states and fortunately Florida is one of those states. Some know this planning tool as a Lady Bird Deed. A Florida Enhanced Life Estate Deed can avoid probate for your real property,...

Posted by on Aug 24, 2015



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Probate: Is Homestead Property A Probate Asset

Preparing for Probate: Is Homestead Property A Probate Asset? The answer is “yes” and “no” If a homestead property is established and meets Florida eligibility requirements, the property can be distributed to the beneficiaries of the decedent free of creditor’s claims.  If the property still has a mortgage, owes money for repairs or homeowners association liens, the homestead protection does not apply in full and those creditors can seek to reclaim that debt.   If an Enhanced Life Estate Deed or...

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What is an Enhanced Life Estate Deed?

What is an Enhanced Life Estate Deed? Gainesville elder law attorney discusses enhanced life estate deeds. How can this type of deed help you pay for Medicare, while ensuring that you can easily pass on the rest of your assets to your loved ones? Find an elder law attorney in Gainesville An experienced elder law attorney can help you answer this questions, as well as assist you with any matters of elder law. From estate planning to wills, our attorneys at the Miller Elder Law Firm are knowledgeable and dedicated. To speak to...

Posted by on Apr 8, 2013


Medicaid FAQs

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