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What Is Board Certification?

Gainesville Board Certified Elder Law Attorneys

The Gainesville Elder Law Attorneys at The Miller Elder Law Firm are experienced professionals in all aspects of Elder Law, helping their clients with any needs such as Medicaid planning, guardianships, and estate plans. They have dedicated their law practice to elder law, and are board certified specialists in the area.

If you or a loved one need legal assistance with any issues regarding elder law or estate planning, our attorneys are here to help. Call the Miller Elder Law Firm today.

“What this certification does for us as a practice is we have set a
different standard for ourselves. I have decided that I need to be that
person that can manage any elder law issue that comes through the door. And
by going through the training and the process of becoming certified in
elder law, that has prepared me for all aspects of our senior population
that come to see us.

If they have a question about Medicaid planning, but they also have a loved
one who just left them an estate and what do they do with the probate
proceeds, and then if there is a litigation matter that comes up, we can
help them with all of those issues. If somebody requires a guardianship and
then later on we need to get them qualified for Medicaid, we offer that
full range of services to seniors. So we can take them all the way from
very young, some of our clients are younger when they do their estate
plans. They just do a simple will to set up a plan for their children if
they should die. Later on that may be a client who has a spouse with
Parkinson’s disease. So now, all of a sudden, we are helping them with a
special needs issue. It may be that that person then dies. Then we can help
them with their probate matter.

So our practice is service oriented to help people through the entire
process of building your estate, helping you with asset protection at
times, helping you with medical and legal problems that can arise when
someone is getting older in age or who has special needs, and then really
helping them through the process of even losing a loved one or helping for
end of life decision making.”

How The Miller Elder Law Firm Can Help

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