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Designation of Health Care Surrogate

What is a Designated Health Care Surrogate?


Any adult may designate a Health Care Surrogate to make health care decisions on their behalf. The Designated Health Care Surrogate has the ability to access healthcare information and care providers to make the appropriate decisions for you. The Surrogate Also provides informed consent on your behalf when you cannot make the decision yourself. The decision should be based on what you would have wanted. If there is no indication of what you would have wanted, the Surrogate may consider your best interest in deciding on a course of treatment.

How do I designate a Health Care Surrogate?


Under Florida law, the designation of a Health Care Surrogate should be made through a written document which should be signed in the presence of two witnesses, at least one of whom is neither the spouse nor a blood relative of the maker. The person designated as Surrogate cannot act as a witness to the signing of the document.

Click here to download the Designation of Health Care Surrogate Form.

Can I have more than one Health Care Surrogate?


You cannot appoint two surrogates to serve at the same time. You can designate an Alternate Surrogate. The Alternate Surrogate may assume the duties as Surrogate if the original Surrogate is unwilling or unable to perform his or her duties. If you are physically unable to sign the Designation document, you may direct that another person sign the document. A copy of the Designation document is sufficient in Florida, as opposed to an original. The Designation of Health Care Surrogate will remain in effect until revoked.

Can the Living Will and the Designation of Health Care Surrogate be revoked?


Yes. Both the Living Will and the Designation of Health Care Surrogate may be revoked by the maker at any time by a signed and dated letter of revocation; by physically canceling or destroying the original document; by an oral expression of one’s intent to revoke; or by means of a later executed document which is materially different from the former document.

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