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Trust Litigation- Contest


There are times when a Trust is not being properly administered. It is possible the Trustee is mismanaging the assets, or has not timely made distributions to beneficiaries of the trust or has taken advantage of their position as Trustee to provide benefits to themselves by self-dealing. At times, the trust is not clear and must be interpreted by the court, or even modified by the court if it is clear at the request of the beneficiaries, or if it is not in conflict with the person who drafted it (Settlor/Grantor). The Miller Elder Law Firm handles all these matters and more as it relates to trust litigation, and can fully review and assess your case.


What is a Trust Contest?


Similar to a will contest, a trust contest is litigation to set aside the trust as being improperly drafted due to undue influence (make this a link too), fraud, improper execution, or incapacity of the Settlor/Grantor, or certain mistakes of fact. The Miller Elder Law Firm can assist you with assessing your trust contest, and pursuing the matter if a good claim exists.