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Life Care Planning



“Life Care Planning” is a unique strategy to help people age gracefully with as much independence as possible, but also with protection” – Shannon Miller, Board Certified Elder Law Attorney.

Life Care Planning is a holistic team approach for families struggling with the demands of a loved one’s care. Often individuals are unprepared and overwhelmed with the unanticipated stress and demands required to care for themselves or an aging family member. Life Care Planning is the development and implementation of a plan by us, your Life Care Planning Team, which includes: Elder Care Coordinators, Paralegals, Funding Coordinators and Attorneys to enhance the quality of life and independence for our clients and their families.

We analyze and provide a snapshot of your assets to plan, not just for today, but also, for the future. We plan for you to be financially comfortable and for you to leave a legacy for your family, after you die.

A Life Care Plan defines, organizes, prioritizes, and mobilizes every aspect of an elder’s care designed to achieve three primary objectives:

  • Make sure the elder gets appropriate care, whether at home or in a residential facility, to maintain quality of life.
  • Locate public and private sources to help pay for long-term care.
  • Offer peace of mind that results when the right choices are made to ensure loved ones are safe and getting the right care, with appropriate asset monitoring against exploitation.

Our Elder Care Coordinators are an important part of the Life Care Planning Team. They are certified through the Life Care Planning Association. They have undergone rigorous training, understand the available resources in our community, and know-how to assess your personal needs. Our Elder Care Coordinators help clients navigate situation and placement processes, and also act as a resource during crises. In addition, we keep on top of any and all financial issues, legal issues, and make sure you are treated appropriately as a resident in a facility, should you need that assistance. The Elder Care Coordinators know how to evaluate your needs and match those needs with community resources. During a crisis, the Elder Care Coordinators will be strong healthcare advocates and resources for our life care planning clients.

“It’s a unique strategy to help people age gracefully with as much independence as possible, but also with protection.”

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Our Attorneys and Paralegals assist you with your legal needs during this important journey. We make assessments to determine where you are on the life/death continuum and what type of estate and health care planning is needed for you. We look at your assets/income to see if when you need government benefits and determine your exploitability. We also assess your asset protection needs, and provide peace of mind through technical strategies that can present a slide into exploitation.

What is Healthcare Advocacy?

“Healthcare Advocacy” is the process of ensuring that your healthcare needs and rights are honored during any time of illness or decline.

The Miller Elder Law Firm specializes in protecting our clients’ rights in crisis healthcare moments.  We understand the importance of visitation and access, and know how to leverage your health care rights to obtain the best possible care.  

Our Elder Care Coordinator will find you the best placement and caregivers should that need arise.  Our Elder Care Coordinator will be a resource and assist you, even during non-crisis retirement living, to assist with staying home as long as possible.

Our Healthcare Advocacy folds in nicely into any Life Care Planning strategy. 

There is a lot of information and resources involved with Life Care Planning, which is why it is important to find a professional with the proper knowledge and experience on these resources who can act as an advocate. An Elder Care Coordinator can provide good resources, assess someone about their needs, and provide advocacy for them.

The Miller Elder Law Firm will create access to our team for family members, along with our clients. Once you have a plan in place, a sense of relief extends to your entire family.

At The Miller Elder Law Firm, our goal is to help our clients age with protection, comfort, and independence. Please connect with us today to learn how Life Care Planning can bring you and your family peace of mind and security in the future. We can help! Contact The Miller Elder Law firm today for an initial consultation at (352) 379-1900 or fill out our convenient contact form.

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