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There are many types of Medicaid programs offered in the State of Florida. These programs include medical care and nursing home care for families, children, the elderly, and disabled individuals with limited resources. Each program is unique but many of these programs have asset and resources limits associated with eligibility, as well as restrictions on transfers that are not made for fair market value.

One growing area of our practice is assisting individuals or their family members in getting a loved one qualified for Medicaid Institution Care Placement. Medicaid ICP is a state and federally funded program that pays for elderly individuals with limited income and assets to reside and receive care in skilled nursing facilities (i.e. nursing homes).

Asset and income limitations and various information regarding different planning options are listed on our Medicaid Requirements worksheet found under the “Forms and Links” section of this website and can be accessed below.

*Consultations relating to Medicaid Planning require a fee.

Medicaid Requirements

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Medicaid Basics 2021

Medicaid Questionnaire

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Medicaid Questionnaire PDF

Medicaid FAQs