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What Is An Advance Directive?

What Is An Advance Directive? Gainesville Estate Planning Attorneys at The Miller Elder Law Firm explain what an advance directive is and why it is important to have one. A living will is a type of advance directive.

“An advance directive is a document where you are telling doctors or your loved ones ahead of time how you want your body treated at the end of your life. For example, a living will is a document that says either, ‘I want my body to be treated to the fullest extent. I want a feeding tube. I want a breathing machine for me, and I want a machine to pump my heart when I’m terminally ill or in stage of the end of life,’ or ‘I don’t want those things.’

You can tell your doctor ahead of time if you want that treatment or not, and then it is a valid, binding document and your doctor will have to honor it. If it’s fully executed and your loved ones show it to the doctor, they’re going to treat your body how you want it treated or not treated.”