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elder law attorneys advocating for seniors rightsThe Academy of Florida Elder Law Attorneys publishes a monthly newsletter for consumers, ElderSmarts, to give seniors and their families tips on how to recognize and protect themselves from financial scams. It also offers budgeting tips.The Miller Elder Law Firm is a member of AFELA and would like to share this information with the seniors in our community.

Why Do Seniors Need A Budget?

Budgeting is often seen as a scary word and a very complicated practice. Yet budgeting is a great tool for ensuring financial stability and protecting yourself from financial scams. The better you understand where your money goes and where it should be spent, the more you can protect yourself from financial predators.

What Is A Budget?

A budget helps you decide how much money to spend on one item or another. A successful budget is realistic and customized to your needs and wants. </

What A Budget Is Not

A budget is not a financial straightjacket. It is not meant to keep you from enjoying life. It can help you make better financial decisions for the short term and long term.</

Do I Need A Budget?

Ask yourself: Am I meeting all of my financial goals? If you have at least one financial goal you aren’t meeting, then it may be time for a budget.

What Are Financial Goals?

Financial goals are different for everyone, but here are some common ones:
  • Being able to pay all your bills each month and having a little left over
  • Going on your dream vacation
  • Getting rid of credit card debt
  • Helping pay for your grandchildren’s college education

Forms To Help Seniors Budget

Our ElderSmarts campaign has developed three simple documents for you to utilize to help your budgeting efforts. Click here for your Monthly Income & Expenses Worksheet, Recommended Spending Percentages, and the “Four Walls of Budgeting.

Elder$mart$ is a “financial literacy” campaign presented by the following professional organizations to inform seniors about credit and budgeting, and to prevent those same seniors from being victimized through scams and identity theft. Content provided by AFELA, Elder Law Section of the Florida Bar, Business Law Section of the Florida Bar, and the National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges.

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