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A Bittersweet Victory For A Victim of Financial Exploitation

photo of michael mccadden, victim of financial exploitation by a family member

A Story of Fraud, Theft, Recovery, and Peace

Michael McCadden was a Gainesville resident, decorated Vietnam War veteran, and a victim of financial exploitation. His tragic story begins well before his visit to The Miller Elder Law Firm.

Mr. McCadden came to our law firm penniless. He had lost his entire life savings but wasn’t sure how. The investigation began to help him recover his assets and quality of life.

One of his daughters manipulated him to put all of his assets in a trust which she took complete control of to steal $550,000 in assets. She created the trust taking three of his properties and evicted him from his own home. That began the downward spiral of assets lost and his health. She and her husband also used his identity to create credit card theft for which they were criminally prosecuted.

The trust was created for Mr. McCadden with all of his assets but only the daughter could take money out and she was the sole beneficiary. McCadden ended up at the Atrium but because he had no access to his assets, he couldn’t pay. He had to apply for aid and dependence from the VA.

Additionally, the daughter sold one of his condos, pocketed the money, and transferred partial ownership of the house to her husband. The criminal process proceeded and they were placed on probation.

After the conviction, The Miller Elder Law Firm fast tracked the exploitation case to get a settlement for him so he could live the rest of his life comfortably.

He spent his last Christmas alone at the VA and the last few months of his life battling the case to recover his assets.

The good news is the money was returned to him before he died. We were able to advocate for him to return his money, but not his life. “We promised to tell his story and will continue to do so.”-Shannon Miller, Founding Attorney, Miller Elder Law Firm.

Financial exploitation of the elderly is on the rise and the majority of those cases involve a family member of friend.  Sadly, the abuser is someone the aging adults loves and trusts.  It is a gross violation of trust, decency, and dignity.  We fill fight for seniors and vulnerable adults to preserve their assets and quality of life–we are committed.

We are a boutique law firm with a practice focusing on Elder & Special Needs Law and Estate Planning, located in Gainesville, Florida and serving the residents of North Central Florida. At The Miller Elder Law Firm we pride ourselves in providing quality legal services to each of our clients. We specialize in exploitation of the elderly through relentless advocacy, legislation, and extensive knowledge of how to prosecute cases successfully.

In addition to exploitation advocacy, other specialties include life care planning, guardianships, probate and estate litigation, wills and trusts, medicaid planning, elder care, and special needs planning.

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