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What Is A Health Care Proxy Statute?

Estate Planning Attorneys The Miller Elder Law Firm explain the Health Care Proxy Statute in Florida. Because of this statute, it may be better to name a health care surrogate. For more information on designating a health care surrogate, contact The Miller Elder Law Firm today.

“We have in Florida what’s called a health care proxy statute, and it is a statute which states the order of preference and priority that a doctor is going to talk to if you have not named someone. So, for example, it would name a guardian first, then a spouse, then a child. If you don’t trust your spouse’s judgment or your child’s judgment, you may want to name someone else. You can name anyone you want to on your health care surrogate form. So, you can name a best friend who’s a nurse and you trust her judgment, and then that person would have priority over the normal list the doctors typically go by.”