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The Miller Elder Law Firm explain in what instances a guardianship can be temporary and how guardians are removed. For assistance in removing a legal guardian, contact The Miller Elder Law Firm today.


“A guardianship definitely can be temporary. A lot of times, what happens is someone may suffer from a brain injury and they’re going through all kinds of rehabilitation. They cannot manage their affairs at this point in time, so they’re determined incapacitated, their rights are removed, and a guardian is appointed to manage their affairs.

However, guardianship is always reversible. There is a process called “restoration.” If a physician will sign an affidavit or come into court and testify that you have now the capacity to manage your affairs, your rights can be restored and the guardianship removed.

Just because someone needs a guardianship today, it could last for the rest of their life if they have Alzheimer’s or some kind of disease that is going to continue, or it could just be a temporary matter until someone is better and can then manage their own affairs again.”

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