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Can you sue for mismanagement of assets in a trust?

Gainesville elder law attorney Shannon Miller discusses what you can do, if you feel the assets in a trust were mismanaged. What are your options? Can you contest a will? Can you sue, in order to get the assets you deserve?

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“Some of the other types of litigation that we do are in dealing with distributions. Very recently, we settled a very large case involving, really, over a million dollars, where a beneficiary simply was not paid, and a lot of times that can be a charity, it can be an individual, and you are a beneficiary of a trust or of a will, and you are supposed to get something and you never do.

It goes on and on and you find out that assets in a trust or in an estate were mismanaged, maybe a homestead wasn’t cared for or was sold for less than its true value. All those types of things are things that we can help you flesh out.

We are going to tell you if you have a good case, and we are going to tell you if you have a bad case. We can help you if you are one of those beneficiaries who perhaps didn’t get a distribution timely or who doesn’t believe that the assets were appropriately managed.”

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