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Is Florida Ready for POLST?

60 minutes recently covered the story of Barbara Mancini, a woman who was prosecuted for handing her father his bottle of morphine, which he drank and later died.  The charges were eventually dismissed, but this story highlights the current debate in our country regarding creating a good death for ourselves and our loved ones.  As highlighted in the segment, your living will is not a physician’s order and can sometimes be overruled by your designated healthcare surrogate.  Physician Orders for Life-Sustaining Treatment (“POLST”) is a tool that allows patients to direct in advance their wishes, which then are included in their medical charts as physician orders.  POLST has only been implemented into law in Oregon and West Virginia.  Is Florida ready for such a law? Should assisted suicide be more widely accepted? We encourage you to consider these issues as they relate to end of life and a good death.



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