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Educating The Nation’s Elder Law Attorneys on Exploitation

Shannon Miller, ESQ, Miller Elder Law Firm, presents at the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys Annual Conference on Florida’s new exploitation statute. She is the Immediate Past President of the Florida Academy of Elder Law Attorneys.

Shannon Miller talks about prevention of elder abuse and legal resources to handle each case

Miller speaks at National Elder Law conference on exploitation

Co-presenting with fellow Elder Law attorney Twyla Sketchley of Tallahassee, the pair outlined ways for Elder Law attorneys to stamp out exploitation of the elderly in the state of Florida and the nation.

Here is the session description:

Breakout 7: Florida Chapter Showcase Session: Florida’s New Exploitation Statute-Implementation in the Legislature.

Presented by Shannon Miller and Twyla Sketchley

This session will include a full review of the process for passage of this measure in the Legislature and a review of how Florida Elder Law Attorneys are using this statute to incorporate exploitation into their practices. After this session, attendees will be able to start their own campaign for Exploitation Statutes that protect our most vulnerable citizens: promote elder law attorneys through education and media coverage on Exploitation; and utilize civil theft and civil exploitation together with the guardianship process to assist clients.

Miller Elder Law Firm is committed to the training and education of elder law and other attorneys to recognize and find the best legal solution for exploitation of the elderly.

If you have any concerns about exploitation or fraud of the elderly, please contact us for a complimentary consultation or call 352-379-1900.